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Lulu Clinic is a beauty clinic that is committed to providing quality facial and body care with our experience and expertise, we believe that everyone has the right to receive quality care and the right solution for their beauty needs. We offer a variety of facial and body care services specifically designed to meet each individual's unique needs. Our team consists of professionals who are skilled and experienced in their fields, ready to help you achieve your best appearance. Visit Lulu Clinic now and give your skin the care it deserves. We are ready to help you achieve your best appearance and maintain the beauty of your skin with extraordinary results.

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Discover excellence in beauty and wellness at Lulu Clinic. Our dedicated team and state-of-the-art facilities ensure a premium experience. Choose Lulu Clinic for your journey to radiant and confident beauty.

Good Customer Service

Lulu Clinic prioritizes excellent customer service, providing special attention to the needs and satisfaction of patients. We create a friendly and comfortable environment, ready to assist and patiently address patients' questions with clarity.

Skilled Beauty Professionals

Lulu Clinic boasts a medical team comprised of professional doctors and experienced, well-trained therapists or beauticians. They possess in-depth knowledge of beauty treatments and employ a safe and effective approach for each patient.

Cleanliness and Safety

Lulu Clinic upholds high standards of cleanliness and safety. We regularly conduct thorough sterilization and sanitation in all areas, including equipment, treatment rooms, and common facilities. This ensures a secure and comfortable environment for patients undergoing treatments at our clinic.


09:00 - 23:00


Concepto ID 2nd Floor Alfalah Street No. 19, Medan

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